The Civil Funeral is conducted by myself, an Independent Celebrant, and I provide a comprehensive framework and a range of choices about the content and style of the final ceremony. I can conduct a funeral ceremony which is non-religious, or a more personalized service which can include a small element of religion ie; a hymn, prayer or blessing to reflect the life of the person who has died.

Graveside Burial:

The ceremony can be conducted totally by the graveside where I can compile an individual service outdoors together with music if required.

Memorial Service:

A farewell event at which the person who has died is not present. The event may be a grand affair, it maybe religious or just a relaxed and affectionate gathering of family and friends to share memories in a favourite spot. The memorial service I conduct is adaptable to all manner of circumstances and is especially appropriate for those who want to hold a commemorative service for the ashes.

Child and Baby Funerals:

I have undertaken Specialist training in order to perform Miscarriage, Stillborn, Baby and Children Blessings and Funerals with tenderness and care.

Stillborn, Baby and Children's Funerals:

Specialist training undertaken to be able to perform very tender services for Stillborns, Babies and Children at Graveside or Crematorium.

Green/Woodland Burial:

The Woodland Burial is another option for those seeking somewhere more natural and beautiful to hold a funeral and remember a loved one. Instead of a traditional headstone, graves are marked by the planting of a memorial tree or the placing of a plaque. The ceremony I create includes time for quiet reflection in a very peaceful atmosphere.

Scattering/Internment of Ashes Ceremony:

It is an honour for me to construct a short ceremony in the form of a committal to reflect on the life of the deceased either by scattering in a favourite spot or intern in a cemetery.

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